In-app authentications that keep
users within your mobile app

Onboard and authenticate your users with real time dynamic selfies, implement your own policies through Andia’s SDK, and never store personally identifiable information.

Easy to get started | First 1,000 users are free | No credit card needed

Offer more value
to your customers

Verified Transactions

Prior to any transactions, a user will be verified to ensure their presence.

Stronger Security

It's only the account owners live selfie that will authenticate transactions

Continuous Authentication

Your user will have the certainty that they will always be authenticated beforea any transaction in case of a breach.

Improved User Experience

Reduce the ammount of time the user spends on verifying their identity - no more leaving the app.

Get away from those antiquated systems that you users are hesitant to use

74% of organizations

who implement second-factor authentication (2FA)
had complaints from their users about it.

Bring down authentication to a single blink

Multi-factor authentication can be seen as a layer of friction for your UX. Users often avoid two factor authentication even when conducting sensitive transactions on mobile devices. Your user' security should never be compromised due to a better customer experience. Allowing live selfies improves your user's overall experience while fighting the following:

Account take overs
Use of stolen account credentials
SIM Swapping
Account take overs
Fake App Installs
Credential Suffing

Benefits for your

Easy Pricing
Programmer Friendly
No Personally Identifiable Information Stored
Free testing