Access management of biometrics via blockchain

Providing a blockchain layer for the storage, access control, and integrity of biometrics and other highly sensitive information.

Using a Proof-of-Identity protocol, biometrics are safeguarded from unwarranted access

Data Privacy

Andia provides a storage and distribution architecture that work with current paradigms to maintain privacy and security of sensitive information.


The protocol transforms PII into encrypted hashes, and uses distributed storage in the case of an attack, thus preventing attackers from gathering compromising information.

Share data by contract

Proof-of-Identity enables enhanced management of access to data using smart-contracts and time-bound provisions.

Pruvyt (™) our first use case

We are able to track customers at our partner retail locations, employing a mobile app (Pruvyt) that uses facial recognition to track customers by only utilizing their biometric vectors (non-identifying information). Thus, the Pruvyt App, the first use case for Andia’s Protocol, enables customers and retail locations to interact with each other without the use of identifying data. Storage of customer vector’s is done through our proprietary distributed architecture that is managed by the POI protocol.


The POI protocol is a layer that can act both as a security layer for storage, and distribution as well as a hub for sharing biometric data. Through smart contracts and off-chain oracles, such entities set the permissions as well as access to data they’d like to share.

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