Allowing exchange of data and compliance between untrusting entities.

At Andia we are building the next-generation blockchain protocol that will enable more privacy and better control of data. With the recent data breaches, Andia brings a self-sovereign network that allows data to be shared via a Proof-of-Identity protocol using non-identifying information on users. This paradigm allows for users/entities that don't trust each other, to interact in an encrypted and secure framework.

Andia will allow non-trusting entities to interact with each other

Data Privacy

Storage and sharing of private information are big issues these days as the centralized platforms are susceptible to data breaches, exposing the identity of users and exploiting their privacy. The Andia protocol allows us entities to interact with each other only when there is a need for compliance, transactions, or KYC without exposing their personally identifiable information.


Our Blockchain-based protocol allows us to scan personal documents in a secure & anonymous way, enabling companies and third parties to verify the authenticity of the documents using the blockchain, without the need of storing any personal data of users. Using homomorphic encryption, once the data is verified, they are wiped off and only the hash representation of the document is stored and distributed on the blockchain.

Share data by contract

Our protocol is designed to enable parties to share information securely by a smart contract, re-enforcing the rules of sharing specific information only by a transaction. In this way, information can be shared between environments where there is no trust, or without compromising the complete database.

Pruvyt® our first use case

Andia is currently testing its software in the Cannabis industry due to the issue of diversion and looping. We are able to track customers at our partner retail locations, employing a mobile app that uses facial recognition to track customers by only utilizing their biometric vectors (non-identifying information). Not only can we prevent individuals from purchasing more than the legal limit, but also protect all of the user's data through our unique storage-and-distribution model. Thus, the Pruvyt® App, the first use case for Andia’s Protocol, enables governments and customers to interact with dispensaries for compliance.


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